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Peaceful & Pristine Naldehra

Naldehra is picturesque and beautiful village near Shimla which was discovered by Lord Curzon; the British Viceroy to India. He was so amazed with the surroundings that he decided to build a 9 hole golf course in the region. Lord Curzon named the golf course after his third daughter Alexandra Naldehra. Naldehra is at an elevation of 2044 m above sea level. The name of the town is a combination of two words, ‘nag’ and ‘dehra’, which means the ‘abode of the king of snakes’.

Naldehra Quick Facts : 

Location : Himachal Pradesh

Height : 2044 Meters from sea level

Distance : 382 km from Delhi, 25 Km from Shimla

Population :  Naldehra Village has a total of 63 people &16 houses as per 2011 census

Enjoyable Activities In & Around Naldehra

Apple Orchards Of Mashobra

You can stroll in the apple orchards of Mashobra, which is just 15 minutes drive from Naldehra towards Simla. At the orchards of Mashobra’s Regional Horticultural Research Station you will find 170 varieties of apple trees, both red and golden. The apple harvest season in Himachal Pradesh begins in August and lasts till September. At the orchard one can also see the museum of the different varieties of apples. There are trees of the red cherry as well in the orchard.

Asia’s Highest Golf Course

Naldhera is also famous for its golf course which is Asia’s highest situated golf course perched at an altitude of 2,200 meters. It was under Lord Curzon’s watchful supervision, the Viceroy of India during the early 1900s, that a 9-hole golf course took shape. Lord Curzon named the golf course after his 3rd daughter Alexandra Naldehra.

Today, the Naldehra Golf Course is a grand 18-hole golf course, one of the oldest and most scenic in the country. One could either trek their way up the ridge or can hire a pony. The landscape at the golf course is mesmerizing and breathtaking with lush green spaces under a clear blue sky.

Village Treks & Organic Food

You can also go to various village treks ( ie: odu village ) and enjoy passing through the spectacular and dense Deodar forest and amazing Satluj river view. Most Naldehra villages are situated in the thick Deodar forest jungle. You can visit the  traditional wooden houses, meet the people and see the  local culture and agricultural activities. You can also enjoy the traditional food made by the villagers with their organic farm vegetables.
odu village trek naldehra
craignano nature park mashobra naldehra

Craignano Nature Park

Craignano nature park was famous for a beautiful Italian style villa made by an Italian photographer- Chevalier Federico Peliti, who named it in memory of his hometown, Craignano. The villa is dismantled now but the park is being developed as a garden. Craignano nature park is now full of flowers (i.e.: tulips ) and rare plants (i.e.: maple tree). You can see actual maple syrup being made here.

Horseback ride to forests

You can hire a horse and explore the luxuriant forests on the horseback, just like the kings of the past. the horses are available at the entrance of the golf course for 500 INR and can provide you a unique experience and mesmerize you with some spectacular views.

horseback ride naldehra

Handicraft Shopping

When you trek down from the other side and come to the main road you will also see the small handicraft shop run by a group of local ladies. This small group of ladies make woollen items and sell these handmade genuine woollen clothes at very reasonable prices. The caps, gloves, mufflers and sweaters from this small handicraft shop will keep you warm and cosy and provide happy memories long after you have visited this shop.

Enjoy Local Food

There are many local eateries in Naldehra where you can enjoy local as well as traditional cuisines like rajma rice, chhole rice, traditional thalis etc.  The freshness of ingredients and cool climate of Naldehra will provide you enhanced taste in even normal dishes 

gugnoo dhabha naldehra

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